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The best grease for plastic gears is generally white high-temperature grease or high-viscosity silicone grease... View More>>
Wire rope grease plays a vital role in the lubrication, maintenance and use of the wire rope... View More>>
Molybdenum disulfide grease is one of the commonly used greases, and it is mainly used for the lubrication of bearings... View More>>
Water-resistant grease has special requirements for water resistance, and the amount of water leaching is far less than ordinary grease... View More>>
General general-purpose grease is not suitable for high-speed bearings. The appropriate grease should be selected according to the size, speed, operating temperature and other factors of high-speed bearings... View More>>
In my work, the most frequently asked question may be "How much degree is this high-temperature grease?" When confronted with this question, I can only answer "The actual application is the best way to prove the quality of high-temperature grease, and It ... View More>>
As the power of the machine is getting higher and higher, the temperature of the part where the bolt is used is getting higher and higher.... View More>>
With the continuous development of our country's economy and the continuous improvement of the level of industrialization, the use of advanced equipment is increasing.... View More>>
Mechanical equipment is an important carrier of industrial production. Good mechanical operation is inseparable from the lubrication of the equipment, but the lubrication of the equipment depends on the grease and lubricating oil... View More>>
What is low temperature grease used for?
Low-temperature grease is a high-quality wide-temperature grease specially designed for rolling bearings with large operating temperature changes and various working conditions.... View More>>
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