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10 common types of grease... View More>>
Under normal circumstances,the common problems of fan turning bearings in operation are hot,noise,vibration, etc,and damage and rust are related to the selection and application of grease.... View More>>
How to choose hardware furniture sliding grease is very important... View More>>
performance advantages of modern high temperature grease have high temperature resistance range from-40℃ to 340℃... View More>>
dispersity of lubricating oil means that the lubricating oil can oxidize air into colloidal substances,carbon deposits and other insoluble substances or float in the oil,producing relatively stable colloidal state and not easy to accumulate... View More>>
Grease has many different uses.its uses can be divided into, Automobile grease, machine tools grease, bearings grease, air compressor grease so on... View More>>
Damping grease is a very important special type of grease with unique use, it has damping and lubrication effect between the two friction surfaces... View More>>
Correct selection of kiln track grease can improve bearing life especially high quality... View More>>
Industrial white base oil is one of the essential materials for the production of white high temperature grease and Its inclusion in the consumption tax on refined oil may push up the price of grease... View More>>
Due to the high temperature of the tunnel kiln, the lack of lubricating materials often causes the bearing to jam, so it needs to customize lubricating grease for tunnel kiln bearing... View More>>
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