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  • Ceramic sheet water valve seal grease
Ceramic sheet water valve seal grease

Ceramic sheet water valve seal grease

Product introduction:

This product is thickened into oil with inorganic thickening agent, and added with anti-oxygen, anti-corrosion and other efficient additives. It is refined by special process.

Ceramic sheet water valve seal grease
The performance:

Excellent high and low temperature performance to ensure stable use under high and low temperature conditions;
Excellent resistance to water washing and adhesion, insoluble and non-dispersive in water environment;
Excellent lubrication performance and corrosion resistance, excellent water resistance sealing function;
Good material adaptability, good compatibility with most plastics and rubber;
Good thermal and chemical stability, very long service life.


Suitable for high or low temperature environment, requiring good water resistance of friction surface, plugs, valves, plugs, gaskets, O rings and wedge seals, etc. Sealing lubrication;
Especially suitable for bathroom equipment, brewing equipment, beverage equipment in the valve and drinking water equipment faucet (ceramic water valve and plug valve) lubrication and sealing;

This product has three consistency grades of NLGI1#, 2# and 3#. It can be used for a long time under the condition of water pressure lower than 10kg/cm2.

Matters needing attention:

Containers must be cleaned with appropriate solvents to be free of impurities, moisture, oil stains and fibers.
After use, it must be tightly covered in time to avoid mixing with moisture, impurities and other harmful substances that affect the insulation performance of the product;
Should not be stored for too long, and should pay attention to dust and moisture;
Do not mix with other oils.


4L, 20L iron drums or according to customer requirements for packaging

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