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  • grease for sintering machine
grease for sintering machine

grease for sintering machine

Product introduction:

This product is made by thickening base oil with a new type of thickening agent and adding a variety of efficient additives.
grease for sintering machine

Excellent high temperature properties and oxidation stability, preventing grease from degenerating at high temperature, as well as good lubrication in the slideway due to its discrepant properties at high temperatures.
Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure, protect the slide to reduce wear;
Excellent sealing performance, ensure the sealing effect of the slide, reduce air leakage rate, effectively improve sintering efficiency and sintering quality;
Good pumping performance to ensure centralized lubrication system grease supply.


It is suitable for the lubrication and sealing of the slideway of sintering machine, as well as the friction parts of the slideway that need lubrication and sealing under other high temperature conditions.

This product is divided into three specifications according to the thickening agent, with NLGI 0#, 0.5#, 1#, 1.5#, 2# five consistency grades.


When the centralized lubrication system uses this product, just use this product to push out the original grease.

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