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  • High voltage insulating grease
High voltage insulating grease

High voltage insulating grease

Product introduction:

This product is thickened into oil with inorganic thickening agent, and added with anti-oxygen, anti-corrosion and other efficient additives. It is refined by special process.

Excellent high and low temperature performance to ensure insulation, sealing, lubrication and protection under high and low temperature conditions;
Excellent insulation, arc extinguishing and electrical pollution prevention to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment;
Excellent thermal stability, chemical stability and anti-aging properties, to ensure long service life of the product;
Good material adaptability, good compatibility with most plastics and rubber, to ensure electrical equipment insulation, sealing, lubrication and protection.


Applicable to high-voltage cable accessories (power cable connector and switch accessories above 10KV, electrical connectors, electrical components and terminals, cable connector, battery terminal and other parts, to prevent the release of corona and eliminate arc, and play the role of insulation, anti-creaking, lubrication and moistue-proof sealing;

It is suitable for the insulation, sealing, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion of the tooth mouth of high-voltage electrical appliances, battery joints and puncture line clamps, as well as the connection combination of metal, plastic and rubber, lubrication and protection of valves and vacuum systems.

This product has NLGI1#, 2#, 3# consistency grades.

Matters needing attention:

Containers must be cleaned with appropriate solvents to be free of impurities, moisture, oil stains and fibers.
After use, it must be tightly covered in time to avoid mixing with moisture, impurities and other harmful substances that affect the insulation performance of the product;
Should not be stored for too long, and should pay attention to dust and moisture;

Do not mix with other oils.

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