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lithium grease

lithium grease

Lithium-based lipid introduction

Lithium-based lipids are divided into general lithium lipids, extreme pressure lithium lipids, molybdenum disulfide lithium lipids, composite lithium lipids and so on. Lithium based grease is one of the most used and produced greases in the world.

lithium grease

Products come in a variety of colors and can be adjusted according to demand. For example: white, yellow, blue, red and so on. Appearance light yellow uniform ointment dark green uniform ointment black uniform ointment. Lithium grease is made by thickening mineral oil with lithium hydroxyl fatty acid soap and adding a variety of extreme pressure anti-wear additives.The product has excellent extreme pressure and wear resistance, as well as good mechanical stability, rust resistance, water resistance and pumping performance, the lasting use temperature range of the product is -20 ℃ to 160℃.

Lithium grease is a kind of high performance product, which is thickened mineral oil by advanced fatty acid compound lithium soap and added with various extreme pressure additives. It has excellent wear resistance, extreme pressure resistance and high temperature resistance.At the same time the product water resistance, colloidal stability are good.

Packaging form from 400g-180kg, etc. It can be adjusted according to the requirements of the order.


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