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  • Compound calcium sulfonate grease
Compound calcium sulfonate grease

Compound calcium sulfonate grease

It is new type of grease, and compared with other high temperature greases. The performance is very comprehensive. especially suitable for steel mill continuous casting machine, continuous rolling mill and similar conditions of equipment lubrication, is conducive to simplify the variety of grease, convenient oil management.

It is also suitable for other high temperature, heavy load, water occasions, such as ship, fire resistance, chemical industry, automobile and other industry equipment lubrication.

Compound calcium sulfonate grease manufacturer,Supplier,factory


excellent high temperature performance;

water resistance;

extreme pressure anti-wear performance;

anti-rust performance

Site of use:

mine automobile bearings;

The main drive bearing of the ball mill in the concentrator;

Sintering plant vibrating screen bearing;

Ironworks coke car bearing;Tooth ring of large bale rotary table of continuous casting machine;

Continuous casting machine secondary cooling zone, sector section, tension leveller, conveying roller bearings;

All kinds of strip mill roll table, roughing mill work roll, finishing mill work roll, coiler bearing, toothed handle, water pump bearing;

Seamless steel pipe mill shaping roller;

Rolling mill work rolls in plate mills and hearth roller bearings for heat treatment furnaces;

Profile, wire mill work roll, cold bed bearing, etc.


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