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  • Composite polyurea grease
Composite polyurea grease

Composite polyurea grease

Composite Polyurea grease is a high-quality, high-temperature grease made by thickening base oils with polyurea thickener. From their introduction in the 1950s to technological advances in the 1970s and 1980s, polyurea has gained some popularity in recent years.

Composite rea Grease has several advantages: long life, good water resistance, high temperature resistance and low noise. 

Other performance characteristics include: strong oxidation resistance, metal corrosion prevention, good shear stability, good extreme pressure, anti-wear performance, base oil is not easy to lose (less oil), base oil evaporation loss at high temperature (base oil loss will cause grease dry and hard). These advantages make polyurea a high - quality high - temperature grease.

In addition, some equipment is sealed for life after a good installation, so you need a long-acting grease, polyurea is a good choice.

Because polyurea has a series of advantages it is very suitable for the following equipment:

· Textile machinery rolling bearings, paper machine bearings (water resistance, high temperature resistance)

· Medium and high speed rolling bearings

· Clutch separation bearing

· Bearings mounted vertically

· Alternator bearings

· Automotive hub bearings

· Industrial fan lubrication and water pump

· Electrical equipment

· Constant velocity universal joint

· Bearing of continuous casting machine and rolling mill in metallurgical industry

· Hub bearings for Marine trailers

· Motor bearing

Composite Polyurea grease

Like other greases, it should also be noted when using it, different greases can not be mixed. In addition, different polyurea may not be compatible, it is best not to mix. If polyurea is inevitably mixed with other greases, remove as much of the old grease as possible.

Packaging form can be customized according to customer requirements.

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