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Aluminum grease

Aluminum grease

Aluminum grease

Aluminum base grease grease is prepared by thickening base oil with compound aluminum soap formed by the reaction of stearic acid, benzoic acid and organic aluminum compounds. It has high drop point and good pumping property. It is suitable for centralized lubrication system and can be used in metallurgy, food machinery and other industries.

Aluminum grease is different from other greases because it is clear that its color and viscosity are different from other greases

Production process of composite aluminum base grease:

Aluminum base grease and complex calcium base grease, also divided into synthetic fatty acid system and natural fatty acid system of two, the former is always known as synthetic complex aluminum base grease, the latter is called complex aluminum base grease.Both products are similar in nature, but according to China's national conditions and the development of production technology. it mainly used the one-step method of active aluminum to manufacture natural aluminum-based lipids.

Packaging can be customized according to customer needs.

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