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bearing grease

bearing grease

Product introduction:
This product is made of oil thickened by new compound thickening agent and refined by adding a variety of efficient additives.

bearing grease

Excellent high and low temperature performance to ensure the normal operation of the bearing in a wide temperature range;
Excellent mechanical stability and suitable adhesion, avoid grease loss, ensure that grease long-term adhesion on the bearing play the role of lubrication and protection, excellent lubrication performance and anti-wear extreme pressure performance, reduce friction, reduce wear, protect bearings;
Good water resistance, suitable for lubrication in wet environment;
Good oxidation stability, medium stability and excellent comprehensive performance to ensure a long service life of high-speed bearings.


Designed for high speed and light load bearings, suitable for all kinds of high speed bearings, high speed dolomada, high speed grinder, high speed instrument and mechanical bearing lubrication;

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