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  • High temperature bearing grease
High temperature bearing grease

High temperature bearing grease

 High temperature bearing grease
Product introduction:
This product is made of special base oil thickened with compound soap and refined with a large number of solid additives. Even if the DN value is too high during the operation of the bearing, High temperature bearing grease can be tightly adhered to the frame of the bearing, thus providing cooling and lubrication.

The performance:
It has special high temperature performance.
With high-performance grease as the carrier, carrying a large number of solid lubricant at the lubrication interface, play a role in high temperature lubrication;
A good solid lubrication film can be formed on the sliding lubricated metal surface.
Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure;
Better anti - rust performance, to prevent the lubrication part of the rust.

Range of application:
Suitable for cement, glass, textile, iron and steel industry of high temperature heavy load equipment friction parts (high temperature sliding bearing and chain, etc.) lubrication;

High temperature bearing grease is divided into 5 models according to the hardness: 0#,1#,2#,3#,3.5#
Packaging can also be changed in size according to the requirements of the order.

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