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Machine tool bearing grease

Machine tool bearing grease

 Machine tool bearing grease
Product introduction:
Machine tool bearing grease is suitable for the use of various high-end and mid-end machine tool bearings adn it can well solve the problem of frequent replacement of bearings, because of the quality of grease. This product is made of oil thickened by new compound thickening agent and refined by adding a variety of efficient additives. 

The performance of  Machine tool bearing grease:
Excellent high and low temperature, thermal stability, mechanical stability and colloidal stability;
Minimal starting and running torque, extremely low evaporation loss, small friction coefficient;
Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure, reduce friction, reduce wear, protect bearings;
Good medium stability, high speed, DN value up to 1 million, suitable for high speed bearing long-term lubrication.

Range of application:
Mainly used for high-speed spindle bearings, sliding bearings, such as machine tools and textile machinery and heavy load of screw spindle, ball screw, gear bearings and other special applications;
It is also suitable for long-term lubrication of precision gear tooth surface (such as bevel gear milling machine and electric valve actuator) in ropeway and precision bearing engineering applications.

Packing for Machine tool bearing grease. The form of packaging can be customized according to the customer's needs. Generally, it is divided into packages ranging from 1 kg to 180 kg.

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