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  • High temperature chain grease
High temperature chain grease

High temperature chain grease

High temperature chain grease is divided into many kinds, good quality for long time use will not produce residue. This product is thickened into oil with inorganic thickening agent, and added with anti-oxygen, anti-rust, structure improvement agent and other efficient additives, and refined by special process.

Excellent high temperature performance;
especially good lubrication performance at high temperature, to ensure a long service life of the product;
Excellent oxidation stability and good adhesion, avoid the loss of grease at high temperature;
prevent the deterioration of grease, ensure the high temperature performance of grease;
Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure, reduce friction, reduce wear;
Low residual carbon, no coking, can keep the chain running well for a long time.

Product packaging and weight can be customized according to customer requirements.

We are the manufacturer, we have our own factory, if you need we can provide free samples.  The cost of mailing is at your own expense.

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