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HP grease

HP grease

This product is made by thickening special base oil with new compound soap, adding high efficiency extreme pressure antiwear agent, antirust and antioxidant. When its HP grease appears dry cracking, this one can lubricate normally, and the life is super long.
HP grease 001
(This picture shows HP grease)
It has good extreme pressure anti-wear performance and meets the lubrication of heavy duty automobile hub bearing.
It has good high temperature performance, high temperature adhesion, can ensure good lubricating oil film.
It has good colloid stability, long service life, and can prolong the fat changing cycle.
Good water resistance, mechanical stability, corrosion resistance and oxidation stability.
This product is suitable for the lubrication of wheel bearing, chassis, motor, water pump and other friction parts of cars, large buses and heavy trucks under heavy load and high speed conditions.
It is also suitable for bearing lubrication of continuous casting machine and roller table in metallurgical industry.

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