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Grease for electric tools

Grease for electric tools

Product introduction:
This product is made of high viscosity refined mineral oil thickened by composite metal soap, and added with anti-wear, anti-oxygen, anti-rust and other additives.  Unique production technology and strict product quality control create high-end products.

Grease for electric tools


Especially suitable for electric hammer electric pick and other equipment working for a long time, high frequency.;
It has good extreme pressure and wear resistance, which can reduce friction and wear and resist the impact load on the friction parts;
It has good high temperature performance to avoid grease loss in the friction part under high temperature operation condition;
It has good thermal stability and oxidation stability.;
It has good water resistance and protection.

Grease for electric tools 002

Suitable for power tool gear box and other high speed operation of leakproof parts.

When the power tool is used for a long time, the grease will not become soft and will not change color to produce slime. It will play a very good cooling effect, thus protecting the use of power tools, enhance its life.

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