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  • Damping grease
Damping grease

Damping grease

Product introduction:
This product is thickened with advanced lithium fatty acid soap to form oil, and added with many efficient additives such as anti-oxygen and anti-rust. It is refined by special process.

 Damping grease

Excellent lubricity and suitable adhesion, play the role of shock absorption buffer, noise reduction and noise elimination;
Good mechanical stability, colloidal stability and low volatility, long time use will not harden;
Good material adaptability, good compatibility with a variety of plastics;
Extremely long service life, suitable for long-term lubrication.


It is suitable for the damping and lubrication of potentiometer, sliding rail of furniture, hinge, revolving shaft of home appliance door, shock absorber of washing machine and audio equipment.
It is also suitable for sealing, lubrication and leak-proof filling of water door, throttle and faucet.
It can also be used for silencing lubrication of all kinds of gear transmission mechanisms and lubrication and protection of parts requiring damping and slow rotation (sliding up and down);

This product has NLGI0#, 1#, 2# three consistency grade, according to the damping size is divided into 10~100 ten specifications, the damping increases in turn.

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