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  • conducts electricity grease
conducts electricity grease

conducts electricity grease

Product introduction:
This product is made by thickening synthetic oil with inorganic thickening agent and adding super fine conductive special additives. The company's staff will repeatedly check the raw material before the production of the product, so as to ensure the quality of the product.
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Electric Conductive grease 001
The performance:

Excellent electrical conductivity, heat resistance and oxidation stability, very low loss of diffusion and evaporation;

Extremely low contact resistance and friction coefficient, effectively reduce the contact temperature rise, reduce contact wear;

Excellent medium stability and most plastics, rubber good compatibility;

Excellent electrochemical corrosion resistance, good metal (steel/copper/aluminum) corrosion resistance;

Excellent conductivity, will not be current breakdown.

Range of application:
Suitable for photocopier, printer, computer, treadmill and other high and low voltage electrical switch contact, metal conductor joint electrostatic release and grounding protection parts of the lubrication and protection.

This product has NLGI1#, 2#, 3# consistency grades.
Electric Conductive grease 002
Electric Conductive grease 003 

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