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  • White damping grease
White damping grease

White damping grease

White damping grease
Product introduction:
This product is thickened with advanced lithium fatty acid soap to form oil, and added with many efficient additives such as anti-oxygen and anti-rust. It is refined by special process.
White damping grease
The performance:
Strong adhesion and damping performance, stable torsional performance;
Excellent damping and buffering performance, allowing large clearance and tolerance of components;
Good material adaptability, compatible with most plastics and metals;
Good sealing, water and corrosion resistance, long service life.

Range of application:
It is suitable for damping door closers, damping spring shock absorbers, doors and Windows door closers, cabinet door buffers, door hinges, damping hinges and other damping system blocking and buffering; One of the characteristics of this product is its beautiful color and the other is its high quality. The service time and life of the machine are greatly improved.

It is suitable for the damping, slow moving and positioning of the loading mechanism, slow opening mechanism, sound knob and precision instrument adjusting knob, etc.

It can also be used for all kinds of parts that need damping, slow and silencing, or places that adjust processing errors.

This product has NLGI0#, 1#, 2# three consistency grade, according to the damping size is divided into 10~100 ten specifications, the damping increases in turn. If you do not know which grade you need, please consult the grease manufacturer in detail during the purchase process.

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