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  • Heavy duty gear grease
Heavy duty gear grease

Heavy duty gear grease

 Heavy duty gear grease
Product introduction:

This product is made of semi-synthetic oil thickened with composite metal soap, and added with high efficiency additives such as anti-oxygen, anti-rust and anti-wear. It is refined by special process.
The performance characteristics:
Good adhesion, forming a thick oil film on the surface of the gear;
Excellent extreme pressure performance, the oil film can withstand the impact load of 2.45×105N.
It can ensure the normal lubrication of the gear and protect the normal operation of the gear under the instantaneous high impact load.
Good overcoating, long re-lubrication cycle: general gear every 3-6 months, overcoating once to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;
Excellent water resistance, rust resistance and comprehensive performance, to ensure the long service life of grease.

Range of application:

Suitable for all kinds of low speed, medium and heavy load gear, sprocket and coupling equipment lubrication, suitable for brushing lubrication;
It is suitable for lubrication of gear with speed less than 5 m/s. When used for higher linear speed, attention should be paid to observe the lubrication effect.

This product has NLGI 0#, 1#, 1.5# three consistency grades

Matters needing attention:

Not suitable for new gear that has not been run;
When in use, clean all the gears;
Do not mix with other oils.

15KG plastic drums, 170KG iron drums or according to customer requirements for packaging

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