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  • Plastic gear grease
Plastic gear grease

Plastic gear grease

 Plastic gear grease
Product introduction:

This product is thickened with advanced lithium fatty acid soap to form oil, and added with many efficient additives such as anti-oxygen and anti-rust. It is refined by special process.

The performance:
Excellent high temperature performance to ensure lubrication and protection under high and low temperature conditions;
Excellent corrosion resistance to ensure no corrosion of metal parts;
Good material adaptability, good compatibility with a variety of plastics and elastic colloid;
Good water resistance, stability and colloidal stability, suitable for lubrication and protection under special environment;
Excellent lubricity and extreme pressure, very long service life.

Range of application:

It is suitable for lubrication and protection of plastic bearings, gears and operating mechanisms of tape recorders, video recorders, CD players, cameras and other household appliances and office equipment such as photocopiers and printers as well as toys.
It is suitable for lubrication and protection between plastics and plastics and plastics and metals, especially for fiber reinforced plastics.
This product can be divided into three specifications according to thickener, with NLGI 1#, 1.5# and 2# consistency grades respectively

Matters needing attention:

Before use, the lubrication part should be cleaned;
After use, it should be sealed in time to avoid impurities mixing and affecting the use effect;
Do not mix with other oils.


IKG / 15KG plastic drums, 170 iron drums or according to customer requirements for packaging

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