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  • Multi-purpose grease for automobile
Multi-purpose grease for automobile

Multi-purpose grease for automobile

Multi-purpose grease for automobile 
Product introduction:

This product is made of semi-synthetic base oil thickened by compound soap, and added with high efficiency extreme pressure, anti-oxygen and anti-rust additives. It is a kind of high temperature and long life grease.

The performance characteristics:

Excellent high temperature property and extreme pressure property, to meet the good high temperature adhesion of heavy duty automobile wheel hub lubrication, high temperature, high speed conditions do not throw oil, no loss;
Excellent colloidal stability and oxidation stability to ensure the long service life of grease;
Good resistance to water and protection.

Range of application:

It is suitable for lubrication and protection of wheel bearing, water pump, motor, fan bearing and chassis of all kinds of automobiles.
Also suitable for industrial high temperature, long life equipment bearing lubrication.

Matters needing attention:

When using, just use this product to clean the original grease.
After use, it should be sealed in time to avoid impurities mixing and affecting the use effect.


Iron drum, 2kg iron drum or according to customer requirements for packaging.

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