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  • High temperature anti-stick lubricant
High temperature anti-stick lubricant

High temperature anti-stick lubricant

High temperature anti-stick lubricant

Product introduction:

This product adopts high temperature resistant compound thickening agent, adding high temperature resistant lubricant, soft metal powder and anti-corrosion, anti-rust and other additives, refined by special process.

High temperature anti-stick lubricant
The performance:

It has special high temperature resistance.
With high-performance grease as the carrier, carrying a large number of solid lubricant in the lubrication interface, play a role in high temperature lubrication, anti-bite;
Excellent lubricity, extreme pressure and thread sealing to ensure the normal operation of the bolt thread under high temperature;
Excellent resistance to sintering, to ensure that the bolt buckles still have stable torque after repeated disassembly and tightening at high temperature;
Good operability, easy to repeatedly daub the bolt thread.

Range of application:

It is suitable for anti-adhesion and lubrication of steel-making sliding nozzle, heating furnace baffle bearing, turbine, valve, sleeve, high temperature nozzle and high temperature bolt in metallurgical industry.
It is also suitable for the tightening of wind drill pipe head in the process of engineering construction, as well as the lubrication and anti-bonding of component threads and matching parts.
This product is divided into two specifications according to the thickener, with NLGI 0#, 1#, 2# three consistency grades

Matters needing attention:

Before use, the lubrication part should be cleaned;
After use, it should be sealed in time to avoid impurities mixing and affecting the use effect;
Do not mix with other oils, long-term storage may be divided into oil precipitation, does not affect the quality, when used to stir well.


1KG, 15KG plastic drums or according to customer requirements for packaging

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