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Effect of base oil viscosity on high speed bearing grease?

base oil viscosity Effect high speed bearing grease

Attention must be paid to the choice of base oil when producing high-speed grease. Although the selection of the manufacturing materials of grease is very important, we can not ignore the influence of base oil on grease. 

The greases used in high-speed bearings tend to be high-quality greases, and manufacturers have done everything they can to extend its life.But one problem is often overlooked. Inferior base oil will directly affect the quality of grease.Its quality is not good, it will affect the life of the bearing.As seen in the chart below, a base oil viscosity of less than 70 centistokes (at 40 degrees C) is ideal when approaching a speed factor of 600,000. Since high-speed applications tend to have higher temperatures and thus a shorter grease life, the overall grease properties should be designed to withstand these conditions.

The operating viscosity will depend on the actual operating temperatures. With a speed factor of 400,000 and operating temperatures less than 60 degrees C, a minimum viscosity grade of 15-22 may be required. If the operating temperature is closer to 100 degrees C, a minimum viscosity grade of 32-46 may be necessary. More viscosity is acceptable and may contribute to better protection as long as it isn’t excessive and doesn’t lead to extreme temperatures, a premature breakdown of the grease or a bearing failure. Therefore, a viscosity grade of 68 or higher is frequently selected in these applications.

The thickener type, concentration and NLGI number must also be considered. Because of the many factors to consider, it is not unusual to see greases labeled specifically for high-temperature or high-speed applications. Again, this conveys that the grease has been formulated to operate in these conditions. For example, a grease’s structural stability, oxidation resistance, wear and corrosion protection, etc., are all very important for high-speed applications.

Because higher temperatures are expected in these applications, a synthetic base oil and an advanced additive system are often recommended, particularly if it is a critical bearing. Depending on the manufacturer, different thickeners may be appropriate, including polyurea and lithium, if they have good channeling characteristics and don’t contribute to excessive heat generation as the bearing speeds up.

Finally, please remember that the life of grease is not as long as that of high-speed bearings.In order to better protect the bearing from damage, please replace the grease regularly.This saves a lot of manpower and material resources for you and saves your production cost.

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