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Why is calcium compound sulfonate suitable for bearing?



Complex calcium sulfonate is suitable for lubricating grease for bearings, because it has many advantages that other lubricating grease does not have. Complex calcium sulfonate grease is a new type of grease, compared with other high temperature greases, the performance is very comprehensive, itself has excellent high temperature performance, water resistance, extreme pressure anti-wear performance and anti-rust performance, its pumping performance can also meet the needs of centralized lubrication. At the same time with high temperature, water, heavy load and other harsh conditions of lubrication effect is obviously better than other greases, especially suitable for steel mill continuous casting machine, continuous rolling mill and similar conditions of equipment lubrication, is conducive to simplify the variety of grease, convenient oil management.

The field application shows that the application effect of it in high temperature, water, heavy load and impact load position is very excellent.Such as continuous casting production line, continuous rolling production line, hearth roll bearing of heat treatment furnace, cooling bed of section steel factory, shaping roller bearing of seamless steel pipe factory, water pump bearing, mining equipment bearing, coke car bearing, etc. As a kind of comprehensive performance grease, complex calcium sulfonate grease is used in a wide range of fields. As for steel mills, the new domestic production line of continuous casting and steel rolling is the first complex calcium sulfonate grease has gradually become a trend. Should increase research and development efforts, in order to adapt to the new needs of users, replace imported products, for the development of domestic it to do more efforts.

The production process of complex calcium sulfonate grease: there are many production processes, generally conversion method, saponification method, mixing method, etc. The production process of complex calcium sulfonate grease is generally transformation, compound, high temperature refining, post-treatment and other processes, this method is more commonly used. The production process of saponification it generally includes reaction generation of calcium sulfonate, complex soap, carbonation, high temperature refining, post treatment and so on. This method is not commonly used because the carbonation process through carbon dioxide technology is not easy to control, the efficiency is low. The production process of it by mixing method is generally to first manufacture calcium sulfonate grease, and then mix with another grease, stir, and post treatment. Another component can be polyurea grease, complex lithium grease, complex calcium grease, complex aluminum grease, etc.

The composite calcium sulfonate-based thickening system mainly consists of two parts. One part is non-Newtonian calcium sulfonate and the other part is complex calcium soap. They are both physically mixed and chemically associated in the system and are a relatively complex compound system.

lubricating grease _ bearing grease _ complex calcium sulfonate grease

The primary thickening agent in the complex calcium sulfonate-based thickening system is a non-Newtonian calcium alkylbenzene sulfonate which is converted from the high base number calcium alkylbenzene sulfonate of Newtonian. The high base number calcium alkylbenzene sulfonate of Newtonian may have a TBN value of 300 or more. The high base calcium sulfonate is composed of calcium alkylbenzenesulfonate normal salt and calcium carbonate basic salt. The calcium carbonate microparticles are generally less than 100 Å, and are encapsulated by calcium sulfonate molecules to form stable colloidal particles dissolved in oil. This oil-soluble, high base calcium sulfonate has a transparent and uniform appearance. Its chemical formula is: [R-SO3]2Ca(CaCO3)n, where R is aryl or alkyl, and the value of n can be as high as 40.

Through the action of the promoter, the high-basic calcium sulfonate is converted from Newtonian to non-Newtonian. The calcium carbonate in the system mainly exists in the form of calcite crystals, and rapidly aggregates into large particles under the action of water. These particles are spherical in shape and form a three-dimensional accumulation structure by the interaction between molecules. With this spherical structure as the center, calcium sulfonate is adsorbed on the surface, and since the hydrocarbon-based end of calcium sulfonate is well dissolved in oil, This enclosed calcium carbonate stereostructure is well dispersed in the system to hold a significant portion of the base oil therein. This non-Newtonian, high base calcium sulfonate has thixotropic properties and acts as a thickener for greases. The way calcite adheres to the friction surface provides excellent resistance to abrasion, extreme pressure and rust.

The process of converting high-basic calcium sulfonate from Newtonian to non-Newtonian is an endothermic process. It is obvious during the test that the temperature of the system is stable during the conversion process. In order to ensure complete conversion, it should be heated continuously. 

lubricating grease _ bearing grease _ complex calcium sulfonate grease002

The drop point of complex calcium sulfonate grease is more than 300℃, oil separation is about 2%, high temperature reversibility does not work 1/4 cone degree difference is small. While other high temperature greases, such as composite lithium and urea grease, have a tendency to thicken under the same test conditions under the conventional production process, indicating that the consistency of complex calcium sulfonate grease is the most stable under the high temperature condition. It can meet the centralized lubrication requirements of steel mills. The similar viscosity of domestic lipids is slightly smaller because the base oil contains light oil, which is more conducive to pumping. Calcium sulfonate greases far exceed other high temperature greases. In practical application, it will show excellent extreme pressure performance. In order to be different from the performance of ordinary grease, it is usually added with more than 20% water to test its protective performance, extreme pressure performance, shear performance and other indicators, temporarily known as comprehensive water resistance. The more stable the index after meeting water, the better the performance of complex calcium sulfonate grease is.

The test shows that the protective performance (corrosion resistance) of it with 20% water remains unchanged; The degree of coning change is small (within 5 units); The extreme pressure performance is still high. It shows that the water resistance of it is very outstanding. Especially after adding 50% water, it remains soft and has a tendency to dry to different degrees.This performance makes the complex calcium sulfonate grease is not easy to lose from the bearing when it meets water, and it is great bearing grease and it is easier to protect bearings. Therefore, calcium sulfonate grease manufacturer always promotes this product. But it should be noted that due to the different raw materials and production process, the water stability of calcium complex sulfonate is different, some become more soft, some become more thick, overall see the smaller the change value of coning degree after meeting water, the better.

Complex calcium sulfonate grease belongs to a new type of grease, from the structure is also composed of base oil, thickener, additives. Base oil may be mineral oil or synthetic oil; The thickener is composed of calcium sulfonate, calcium carbonate (crystal) and compound thickener. Additives are generally antioxidants, and extreme pressure anti-wear agents, metal passivators, viscosifiers, etc., can also be added according to the need.



The composite calcium sulfonate grease relies on the three-dimensional accumulation structure of calcium carbonate, the fiber structure of the composite calcium soap, and the hydrogen bond association structure of calcium acetate and calcium sulfonate to thicken the base oil into a grease.

The composite calcium soap is another thickening agent of the calcium sulfonate grease. The calcium soap fiber is a carboxyl group to a carboxyl group, and the hydrocarbon group is arranged in a hydrocarbon group. The structure is in the form of a velvet group in the system, and they are puffed in oil. A part of the base oil is adsorbed therein like a sponge. In order to be fully compounded, it should be properly insulated when the maximum refining temperature is reached.

Due to the it itself has a very comprehensive performance, generally do not need to add additional extreme pressure agent, rust inhibitor. Some antioxidants, passivators and viscosifiers can be added appropriately according to needs. The e production process of calcium complex sulfonate is different from that of other oils. For example, complex calcium grease, complex lithium greasepolyurea grease and other grease, different production process will be different, should be adjusted flexibly according to the type of thickener. Calcium sulfonate grease and the quality of imported products. The general indexes can not fully reflect the excellent properties of the grease, so the comprehensive water-resistance indexes (protective properties after adding water, shear stability, extreme pressure) are introduced. The application shows that the it can be used for the lubrication of equipment under the conditions of high temperature, water, heavy load and impact load. It has a strong versatility and a promising future.

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