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Application of high temperature lithium grease in iron and steel metallurgy industry

In this article, we will talk about the application of high temperature lithium grease in the iron and steel metallurgy industry because it is a kind of synthesis Lithium Grease. It can perfectly solve the lubrication problem in this industry. With the development of science and technology in the 21st century and the rapid development of iron and steel industry, the most important thing in iron and steel metallurgy before is technology. Now it relies on advanced equipment, as well as high-tech robots. A large number of advanced technology and the use of advanced materials, the steel industry used in the grease put forward higher requirements. 

When the grease has a little performance, it can meet the lubrication and operation of equipment in the iron and steel metallurgy industry.

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1. More effective in reducing friction and wear under heavy load, high temperature and high speed operating conditions;

2. It has good stability in long-term work and harsh environment, and has longer service life and lubricity;

3. Has a strong sealing ability to prevent dust, water and other harmful media from entering the lubrication site;


4. Anti-corrosion, corrosion resistance and anti-emulsification

The most commonly used IT equipment in metallurgical industry is iron making, steel making, steel rolling and other steel enterprises. Large modern steel enterprises consume thousands of tons of lubricating oil every year. In the steel industry there are many large machinery need to use grease for the protection and lubrication of parts, Because of the different production process, its characteristics will also have obvious changes, and now the metallurgical industry still has a great demand for this kind of grease. Because in the process of metallurgical industry operation will produce a lot of dust, but also will be accompanied by high temperature, humidity, high speed, load and other effects, so only specially used for metallurgy grease can play a role.

Metallurgical industry is characterized by continuous production, high temperature, high humidity, heavy load and more dust. They are mainly used to lubricate bearings and roller tables of continuous casting machines, sintering machines, steel drawing roller tables, tandem rolling mills and tension levelers. Lubricating grease for iron and steel metallurgical equipment is mainly grease with excellent heat resistance and load resistance. Complete equipment classification includes blast furnace equipment, steelmaking equipment, sintering equipment, steel rolling equipment. Metallurgical industry generally includes mining plants, concentrators, sintering plants, ironworks, steelmaking plants, continuous casting workshops, profile workshops, coking plants, rolling mills, etc

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A series of excellent properties of high temperature lithium grease enable it to meet the above requirements. This oil has been on the market for a long time. There are a large number of steel smelters in the world. At present, many steel mills have begun to use composite lithium grease made by China supplier. The combined benefits are clear.


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