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What is silicone grease used for?

different type of use for silicone grease

Silicone grease is divided into two types, one is lubricating silicone grease and the other is thermal conductivity silicone grease, because they are not constructed and used. If any kind of grease is the most common in life, it must be silicone grease. It is divided into several types when it is used in different places. Silicone grease is made of silicone oil as the base oil thickening inorganic thickening agent, which has good waterproof, waterproof, solvent resistance and creepage resistance, and does not corrode metal. It has good adaptability with rubber, and is used for waterproof sealing and lubrication of bathroom equipment, sealing ring, electronic and electrical industry. Silicone grease is good or bad, mainly depends on the heat dissipation capacity, this index mainly depends on the thermal conductivity, the higher the thermal conductivity, the better; Second to see if it is easy to paint. But there's a side effect to easy coating: The same solvents that make grease thinner and better coated can evaporate over time, causing grease to get drier and drier, so to stay effective in the long run, you'll need to buy a harder grease and practice your grease coating techniques.

It is also suitable for the contact surface between the power amplifier tube and the heat sink in the electronic industry: such as TV, DVD, CPU and power amplifier tube, play the role of hot media. Used for microwave communication, microwave transmission equipment, special power supply, regulated power supply and other microwave devices surface coating and integral potting. Applicable to the heat transfer of electronic components, such as transistors, ballasts, heat sensors, computer fans, etc., high power transistors (plastic sealed tubes), diodes and substrate (aluminum, copper plate) contact gap heat transfer medium, rectifier and electrical thermal insulation materials. Efficient thermal connection for many radiator devices requiring efficient cooling. Suitable for high voltage corona removal, non-combustible coatings used in connection with high voltage blowback transformers for television sets and similar applications. It is suitable for filling the gap between heating element and heat dissipation facilities in various electronic and electrical equipment to improve the heat dissipation effect.

Let's talk about the classification of silicone grease and what it does.

1. Lubricating silicone grease:

Lubricating silicone grease with a variety of additives and structure improvement agent refined from the translucent paste. It is suitable for lubrication and sealing between metal and metal, metal and plastic moving parts in water environment. It can also be used for lubrication, sealing and insulation of various sliding parts in wet environment such as toy boat, water gun, massage shower and aquarium.

Excellent waterproof sealing and water erosion resistance, and can provide durable lubrication in wet environment; Excellent adhesion, good rust and wear resistance; Excellent water resistance, insoluble and non-dispersive in water environment; Excellent oxidation stability and aging resistance, excellent corrosion protection; Strong material adaptability, good compatibility with all kinds of plastics and metals;

It is suitable for lubrication and sealing between metal and plastic, metal and rubber, rubber and rubber, electronic and optical devices and other moving parts in water environment. It can also be used for lubrication and sealing of various sliding parts in wet environment such as toy boat, water gun, massage shower and aquarium. Most organic solvents and chemicals are suitable for sealing and lubrication of various valves, rings, pistons and low-speed sliding and rotating parts.

Make sure the surface of lubricating parts is clean and dry before greasing, and ensure the greasing process is clean. Pay attention to the management of the fat changing cycle and the use process, and the amount should be appropriate.

2. Thermal conductivity silicone grease:

china silicone grease manufacturer removed old silicone grease

Also known as heat dissipation paste, is a special silicone oil base oil, new metal oxides as filler, with a variety of functional additives, through the specific process of the paste. Colors have different appearance depending on the material. It has good thermal conductivity, temperature resistance, insulation performance, is the ideal heat resistant device medium material, and stable performance, in use will not produce corrosive gas, will not affect the metal in contact. High purity fillers and silicone ensure smooth, uniform and high temperature insulation. Apply to power device and radiator assembly surface, help eliminate the air gap on the contact surface, increase heat flow, reduce thermal resistance, reduce the working temperature of power device, improve reliability and extend service life.

Excellent thermal conductivity and use stability, good resistance to high and low temperature, water resistance, no curing, no corrosion to contact metal materials (copper, aluminum, steel), very low volatilization loss, dry, non-melting, good material adaptability, non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, stable chemical and physical properties.

china silicone grease supplier removed old silicone grease


How do I remove old silicone grease?

Because often when removing silicone grease, silicone grease is dry state, so still rely on wet things to wipe.

China Silicone Grease Manufacturer offers the following tips: Plain [wet wipes]. Wipe the wipes first, wipe off the main silicone lumps, and then wipe again with a paper towel, wipe off the crumbs, but also dry to prevent rust and electric shock.

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