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What is white lithium grease use for?

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White lithium grease is used to lubricate and protect the moving friction parts of bearings, bolts, chains, hinges, brake lever systems and other metal-to-metal . This is a high-quality grease for all-round applications, and it can also be used for lubrication in the automotive and shipbuilding industries. It has heat resistance, water resistance and salt resistance, and provides excellent corrosion and rust protection.


As most machinists known, lubricant oil and lubricant grease are essentially the same thing with the same basic purpose: to keep the lubrication of the metal to the metal surface. However, the usage schemes of these two products are different. 


Lubricant grease is made by combining oil and soap. Add soap to oil to form a viscous, stable colloid called lubricant grease. This process basically makes grease more viscous than oil. It can be better attached to the project to which it is applies to. White grease is used to reduce the friction between the metal material and the metal material. It is a non-flowing grease, and due to its excellent thermal stability, it will not melt or freeze. It stays there for a long time, providing long-term protection against rust and corrosion.


Sometimes white grease is also made by mixing lithium saponifier and synthetic base oil. This grease can adhere well to the surface of metal objects. It has good lubrication performance under heavy load and is non-corrosive. It also has excellent temperature stability, and it is also the preferred lubricant for automotive CV joints, making it a very popular choice in the automotive industry. Its heat resistance, heavy load resistance and cost performance make it a very popular grease. White grease and white lithium-based grease produced by China manufacturers.

In vertical applications, grease is usually better than oil

Grease can act as a barrier against water and dust pollution

Grease tends to stay longer and won’t drip

Grease has a wide operating temperature range

In other words, grease has many benefits in certain applications, but there are also some limitations. For example, it is difficult to use greases in hard-to-reach and chaotic application scenarios. 

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White Lithium Grease

Here we are going to learn about industrial white lithium grease, which provides many benefits related to lubrication performance. In many ways, it can also be referred to as a lubricant, with the performance advantage of high viscosity.

Why is the color of grease white?

Sometimes the color does not represent the performance of the grease. When choosing a grease for a particular job, it is important to choose the correct grease based on its physical properties such as load-bearing capacity, mechanical stability, oxygen stability, water resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Though there are many colors of grease-white, black, blue, red, purple, green and so on, white has its own unique advantages, for example, it looks very beautiful, and it is used on some metal surfaces that are afraid of staining. The meaning and performance of the color varies depending on the manufacturer of the grease.

Disadvantages and advantages of white grease.


The color is beautiful and it can stick to the surface for a long time - long time to keep in place, long time to lubricate and protect.

It will not pollute the product in production and change the color of the product.

High temperature resistance, excellent sealing


Afraid of dirty-white grease may be very afraid of dirty, because the product has good viscosity, it will easily combine with dust in the air. So close the product after use or maintenance.

The production process is relatively cumbersome and the production environment is extremely demanding.

White lithium grease is also waterproof, highly resistant to extreme pressure, and has an extremely wide operating temperature range. At this point, white lithium lubrication is ideal for long-term lubrication and waterproof applications.

More importantly, it can also be used to lubricate bearings, pistons and camshafts. 

And other applications:

Door hinges

Door rollers

Pivot points

Sunroof rails and sliding panels

Bonnet latches








Cables and chains

Trailer couplings

Garden tools, and…


A break-in lubrication for bearings

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