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What is low temperature grease used for?

What is low temperature grease used for
Low-temperature grease is a high-quality wide-temperature grease specially designed for rolling bearings with large operating temperature changes and various working conditions. It is a multifunctional grease with a wide application temperature, which is especially suitable for low temperature environments. It is suitable for the lubrication and silencer of automatic synchronous motors, servo motors, control cables, and conveyors in low temperature environments; it is also suitable for bearings and gears of machinery and instruments in severe cold areas, especially for the lubrication of auto parts ,glass elevators, central door locks and lifting antenna gear combination. It is suitable for the lubrication of various bearings, gears, chains and other transmission mechanical parts at low temperatures; it is suitable for the lubrication of automobiles, construction machinery, electric valves, air brake valve chambers, distributors, motors, and transmission gearboxes in low temperature environments.

Under normal circumstances, the operating temperature range is -70~+260℃, which is suitable for the lubrication of rolling bearings working in high temperature or severe cold area and wide temperature range. It has excellent high temperature stability and oxidation resistance, and it is not easy to oxidize, harden and soften at high temperatures. Maintain perfect texture and lubricating effect.

Under normal circumstances, its physical state is a solid uniform paste, or a substance existing in a fluid or semi-fluid state. It is used for lubrication, sealing, antifreeze, antirust, and anticorrosion of mechanical friction parts at a low temperature of -20 to -70°C. , The color can be adjusted according to the technology of different manufacturers. Low-temperature resistant grease is an ester synthetic oil with excellent low-temperature performance thickened by an organic thickener, and added with various additives such as anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion to produce low-temperature resistant grease. This low temperature grease is mainly designed for the lubrication of precision equipment that requires movement at low temperatures and extremely small operating torque, providing excellent rust and corrosion protection.

low temperature grease


Low temperature grease must have the following properties in order to provide better lubrication for equipment:

Excellent low temperature performance, short starting torque at low temperature;

Good lubrication performance and adhesion performance, wide operating temperature range.

Excellent water resistance and oxidation resistance, with long-term anti-rust performance;

Excellent mechanical stability, colloidal stability and storage, long service life.


Avoid contact between the product and skin. If contacted, wash thoroughly with water and soap. Do not inhale product vapors, and do not allow the product to stain clothing. Properly dispose of waste oil to protect the environment.

Any lubricating product should be stored under a shelter. When outdoor storage is unavoidable, it should be placed horizontally to avoid rainwater intrusion and prevent the markings on the oil drum from being corroded.

The product should not be stored in an environment above 60℃ or severe cold, nor should be exposed to strong light.

The main factors to affect the low temperature performance of grease:

We all know that grease is composed of base oil plus thickening agent plus additives, so the use temperature of grease also depends on these components. For wide-temperature grease, the operating temperature range is very closely related to the base oil, thickener, and additives. The most important is the price. Many users are greedy for the benefits of low prices, so to purchase the low-quality products affects the quality of the products.

The so-called price is not only the denomination when you pay for something, but the same or even more money to buy this thing to bring you a satisfactory experience and a happy mood during use. In other words, it is cost-effective. The price of low-temperature grease is determined by its durability, prolonging the service life of the equipment, and high cost performance. It seems to be more expensive than others, and its practicality saves worry and effort, saves money and time.

The selection of low temperature grease is a key factor to ensure the reliable operation of the bearing and prolong the life. The service life is prolonged, the failure is less, and the cost will be reduced. Most bearing failures are directly or indirectly related to improper lubrication. This includes the use of inappropriate grease, grease aging, and insufficient lubrication.

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