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Why is oil and grease used in machinery?

 Why is oil and grease used in machinery

Mechanical equipment is an important carrier of industrial production. Good mechanical operation is inseparable from the lubrication of the equipment, but the lubrication of the equipment depends on the grease and lubricating oil. Equipment lubrication refers to the use of industrial lubricants (hydraulic oil, cutting fluid, anti-rust oil, gear oil, air compressor oil, etc.) to prevent mechanical wear, reduce friction and wear between equipment, reduce heat, seal, and Anti-rust, etc., increase the service life of the machine, thereby maximizing the benefits of the enterprise.

All moving parts need to be filled with grease, otherwise friction and heat will aggravate the wear of the parts and affect the functioning. Generally, depending on the different environment and equipment, there are differences in grease grades. Ordinary machining equipment needs to add grease. For example, CNC machine tools, all kinds of special machines and so on.

Lubrication maintenance of industrial equipment

Of course, machinery and equipment need to be maintained. Not only machinery needs to be maintained, but also other machinery and equipment. The benefits of the maintenance of the machinery and the unmaintained machinery can be obvious to the company. It can increase the service life of the machinery. The various benefits show the great role of lubrication and maintenance. Lubricating grease mainly plays the role of reducing mechanical friction and preventing mechanical wear. At the same time, it also plays a protective role to prevent metal corrosion and seals and prevents dust. There are some greases mainly used to prevent rust or corrosion of metals, called protective greases. Lubricating greases are mostly semi-solid substances with unique fluidity.

In mechanical use, the use of grease is indispensable. It can effectively slow down the friction between mechanical equipment, make the equipment work more smoothly, and last longer. In different environments, for different equipment systems, the types of grease we choose are also very different. Grease is a liquid lubricant used on various types of machinery to reduce friction and protect machinery and processed parts. It is mainly used for lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. Lubricating grease accounts for 85% of all lubricating materials, with a wide variety of brands, and the world's annual consumption is about 38 million tons.

lubricating grease manufacturers

Under normal circumstances, the general requirements for lubricating grease when it needs to play a lubricating effect are:

(1) Anti-friction and anti-wear, reduce frictional resistance to save energy, reduce wear to extend mechanical life, and improve economic benefits;

(2) Cooling, requiring the frictional heat to be discharged out of the machine at any time;

(3) Sealing, requiring anti-leakage, dust-proof, and anti-pass gas;

(4) Anti-corrosion and anti-rust, it is required to protect the friction surface from oil deterioration or external erosion;

(5) Clean and rinse, requiring cleaning and removing the dirt on the friction area;

(6) Stress dispersing and buffering, dispersing load and alleviating impact and damping;

(7) Kinetic energy transmission, hydraulic system, remote control motor and friction stepless speed change, etc.

Most of the motion pairs of various mechanical equipment do not operate under the state of complete fluid lubrication, especially at the moment of starting, stopping, slow running, load or speed sudden change, the friction surface cannot be completely separated by the lubricant film. It will approach, the contact of the surface micro-protrusions will increase, and it will be a mixed lubrication that is shared by the boundary lubrication state and the fluid lubrication state.

lubricating performance of grease to assist in operation.

In conclusion, when mechanical equipment is in operation, it must need the lubricating performance of grease to assist in operation.

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