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What kind of grease is used for high-speed bearings?

 What kind of grease is used for high-speed bearings

General general-purpose grease is not suitable for high-speed bearings. The appropriate grease should be selected according to the size, speed, operating temperature and other factors of high-speed bearings. After the grease is put into use, the site should pay attention to whether the bearing generates heat during the operation, whether the grease appears to be oily or dry, all of which indicate that the grease is abnormal in use. When selecting high-speed bearing grease, the following aspects are very important: NLGI consistency grade, bearing speed, bearing size calculation, and applicable base oil viscosity. For users, it is sufficient to select grease in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations in one column.

1. Base oil viscosity/viscosity: Grease is thickened lubricating oil. Grease is also lubricated by oil. Viscosity is the most important indicator of lubricating oil. Lubricating oil is graded according to viscosity. Find the right viscosity of the base oil (ISO viscosity grade). If the viscosity is too large, it will cause blockage, increased friction, and heat; if the viscosity is too small, the oil film thickness is insufficient, which will easily cause bearing wear. The viscosity should be selected according to the manufacturer's requirements for the correct grade.

base oil viscosity of grease

2. Dropping point and types of thickeners: different thickeners will affect the dropping point and oil separation characteristics of grease. Grease with high dropping point and good oil separation characteristics (static oil separation and dynamic oil separation) should be selected.

3. Channeling characteristics of grease:

For high-speed bearings, groove formation is an important indicator. Grooving characteristics can reflect the lubrication conditions of the grease under high-speed operation. For high-speed bearings, this is very important. Grease with poor groove forming characteristics is easy to flow back to the running part, causing blockage and friction on the rollers.

Most categories of bearings

4. Bearing category:

Bearings are also divided into many types. The rollers can be round balls, cylindrical, conical, and spindle-shaped. The shape of the roller is different, which affects the viscosity requirements of the base oil, NLGI consistency, and the grease change interval. The reason is that rollers of different shapes have different contact areas with grease. A roller with a larger contact area is easier to squeeze the base oil out of the thickener, and a standard ball bearing has a smaller contact area. Bearings with a large contact area generally bear greater loads than ball bearings. This type of bearing is more likely to cause base oil loss and requires grease to have good oil separation characteristics.

Many industrial equipment have high-speed bearings, and high-speed bearings should be specially selected for suitable grease. If it is not selected properly, it will block the bearing, increase the friction, and easily cause the bearing to heat up. High-speed bearing grease is a special kind of grease that requires high lubricity, low friction, low temperature rise, durability and other properties. The oil film is uniform and stable and durable. High-speed bearings are most likely to cause high temperatures. Improper high temperatures during bearing operation are harmful to the bearings, and will accelerate the oxidation of the grease and deteriorate the grease. Choosing the right grease can prolong the service life of bearings and grease.

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