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Why does grease need to be waterproof?

  Why does grease need to be waterproof

Water-resistant grease has special requirements for water resistance, and the amount of water leaching is far less than ordinary grease. It is recommended to use fully synthetic grease, which can greatly improve durability. The production process for this kind of grease is more complicated, and there are not many manufacturers that can produce it. The inability of grease to meet water is a problem that has plagued people for more than 100 years. Water not only has a negative effect on the lubricity of grease, but also damages machine parts. With the development of lubrication technology, recent research results show that many greases can be used in water environments, so it is suitable for various industrial equipment and food processing equipment.

What is the principle of choosing waterproof grease for bearings

What is the principle of choosing waterproof grease for bearings?

Under normal circumstances, there are three situations:

① When the unit pressure is high and the sliding speed is low, choose a variety with a smaller penetration degree, otherwise choose a variety with a greater penetration degree;

② The dropping point of the grease used should generally be about 20-30 degrees higher than the working temperature of the bearing to avoid excessive grease loss during work;

③In water-drenched or humid environments, calcium-based or barium-based or aluminum-based grease with strong water resistance should be used. At higher temperatures, calcium-sodium-based or complex calcium-based grease should be used.

Industry insiders believe that manufacturers should vigorously try to develop waterproof grease, because it can also play an effective role in a water environment. Grease waterproof technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and the amount of grease continues to rise. People are applying it to steel plant equipment and food production, as well as equipment that has water or needs water leaching and water scouring.

grease need to be waterproof

It is precisely because of the continuous improvement of grease waterproof technology so that the grease can be used in different industrial fields:

Strong waterproof performance and wider working temperature range: general grease can adapt to higher temperature conditions than lubricating oils of the same level, so high-temperature working environments such as the textile industry and metallurgical industry are more suitable for high-temperature-resistant grease. Grease will not be automatically lost from the surface of the protective part under the influence of its own weight. It has the ability to hold and prevent water or water vapor from penetrating into the metal surface. Therefore, lubricating grease is often used in the papermaking industry where the working environment is humid.

Adaptability of lubrication conditions and shock absorption:

The lubricating grease really plays a role of lubricating a small part of the grease close to the friction surface, and it relies on the cyclic lubrication of the soap fiber. Therefore, it is more appropriate to use grease on the friction parts that are difficult to frequently refuel. Due to its high viscosity and good oiliness, the grease has a good shock absorption effect for lubricating parts such as crushers that need to withstand great impact.

Strong adhesion, strong sealing performance, strong pressure resistance grease

Strong adhesion, strong sealing performance, strong pressure resistance:

When the friction part is in a static state, the grease can maintain its original shape, will not be automatically lost due to gravity, and will not slip off the vertical surface or drip out of the gap. Grease has a strong adsorption capacity on metal surfaces, can form a solid oil film, and withstand relatively high work loads. Therefore, lubricating greases should be used in industries such as mechanical engineering, metallurgy, and ports that need to withstand high workloads. Lubricating grease can prevent dust from entering the work surface, avoid mixing of impurities, and protect the parts. The working environment in the mining industry is dusty, so waterproof and dustproof grease should be used.

People are more inclined to use waterproof grease on these equipment. Therefore, adding additives to the grease to enhance its water resistance can make the performance more superior.

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