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What is the best grease for plastic gears?

 The best grease for plastic gears is generally white high-temperature grease or high-viscosity silicone grease. What is plastic gear grease? Many people ask this question. What are the characteristics of plastic gear grease? What is the difference between it and ordinary gears? Generally, the direction where the gears rotate requires lubrication. Generally, gears are divided into two categories: metal gears and plastic gears. Appropriate and appropriate lubricants are added between the gear meshing surfaces to prevent direct contact, reduce friction loss, greatly improve the working conditions of the gear, and maintain normal operation and expected life.

white high-temperature grease for plastic gearshigh-viscosity silicone grease for plastic gears

So how do we choose the right grease?

1. What is the raw material of the primary plastic gear? The common ones are PC/ABS/POM/PP/PVC, etc. The most noteworthy here is the PC material. It is necessary to choose a good oil compatible with PC, otherwise it will cause the plastic to break;

2. The temperature scale of gear operation, such as low temperature -40℃/ -30℃/-20℃, you need to choose base oil with excellent low temperature function, it will not cause freezing at low temperature, otherwise it will cause freezing at low temperature;

how do we choose the right grease for plastic gears

3. Whether the working environment of the gear touches food, if you touch it, you must use NSF food grade standard lubricating grease;

4 . When it comes to noise, this is not only considered from the grease, because the grease plays an auxiliary noise reduction effect, there is also the problem of the fine coordination between the gears, because the best grease, if the structure coordination is not high, then the effect Not big.

5.The rotation speed of gear operation, take the small tooth as an example, if the rotation speed is as high as tens of thousands of revolutions, the viscosity of the grease base oil should be lower, otherwise it will cause the current to be too large or fly away after one revolution;

In the working environment of gears, whether water/dust/or other chemical media are touched, greases with good waterproof function are required, and some greases have anti-corrosion/acid and alkali resistance functions;

When choosing plastic gear grease, you should pay attention to its excellent low-temperature properties. High-quality plastic gear grease generally has excellent noise reduction, lubrication, wear resistance and durability. Refined products generally have good plastic compatibility. Designed for the lubrication and noise reduction of plastic gears and plastic parts in different industries such as electronics, electrical appliances, toys, and instruments.

Then there are plastic gear greases that many people don’t know where to use. The following author will give some examples to tell readers.

1. Lubrication and noise elimination of various plastic gears, decelerating micro-motors, and micro-reduction gears with different speeds; high-speed pinions with more than 8000 revolutions per minute will use it;

2. Plastic gears such as electronic equipment audio system, DVD player, etc. It will be used for the noise reduction and lubrication of gearbox gears of toys and aircraft models;

3. It is used for the noise reduction and lubrication of plastic gears of household appliances, microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, electric ovens, coffee makers, toasters, mixers, and washing machines;

4. It is used for noise reduction and lubrication of household car electrical equipment (switches, rear mirrors, antennas, headlight regulators, air-conditioning controller gears, electric seat gears, wiper gears); 5. Used for office equipment (copiers, copiers, etc.) Printers, paper shredders, fax machines, scanners, projectors (plastic gears) and precision machinery will use it for noise reduction and lubrication;

plastic gears need high quality grease001

There are generally several choices of plastic gear grease, so high-quality products often bring unexpected gains. The choice of material is the most important thing. When the gear is in contact with the lubricant, the compatibility of the two is poor. For example, the material polarity is not matched, the material formula is not oil-resistant, and the local residual stress of the part is large. Volume expansion and shrinkage may occur. , Cracking, degradation of mechanical properties, etc., which can cause mechanical failure. This requires component engineers to consider the compatibility of materials when selecting plastic materials and lubricants. Under normal circumstances, high-quality high-temperature white grease and silicone grease can fully meet the above requirements. These two products are widely used in the lubrication and protection between plastic and plastic and plastic and metal and between medium and high speed, light and medium load plastic and metal in a wide temperature range. They can effectively meet the long-lasting lubrication and effective of plastic gears. Special requirements such as noise reduction, stable performance, and good effects of wear resistance, durability and noise reduction.


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