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Is white grease high temperature?

 Is white grease high temperature001

White high-temperature grease is very suitable for high-speed and high-temperature use. It has high performance and other superior properties such as clean, environmentally friendly and easy to clean. There are a wide range of white high-temperature greases on the market, such as silicone grease, PFPE grease, fluorine-containing white grease, food-grade white grease, high-temperature urea-based grease, and white lithium-based grease are all white. , How to choose the white grease suitable for my use? The white color of white grease defines the appearance of the grease, not its composition. Therefore, white grease is not necessarily lithium-based grease, it may be composite aluminum, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc., but most of the white grease is high-end grease, such as fluorine grease, fluorosilicone grease, and fully synthetic ultra-high temperature resistant grease. Card grease, fully synthetic high temperature sealing grease, etc. White grease is specially developed for the sliding friction between plastic and plastic and metal. Applied to the folding parts of precision machine parts, rotating shaft components, and reciprocating linear motion mechanical elements, such as: plastic sliders, rack and pinion, ratchets, cam structures, plugs, slide rails, screw rods, rotating shafts, etc. Because some of these precision parts are leaking, colorful grease will affect the appearance of the equipment.

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White grease has many advantages compared with other greases. Of course, the first one is higher temperature resistance. High-quality white grease will not drip, leak, evaporate, dry out, or form viscous carbon deposits. It will not melt or decompose. It is compatible with many other lubricants and has a longer life than ordinary synthetic greases.

Today for morden society, white grease can also be added to the world's smallest friction coefficient solid lubricant, it means polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, also known as fluoroether, Teflon or Teflon), this kind of fine particles have the smoothest surface and can fill the irregular surface like a flower ,compacted into a snowball to make it smooth and lubricated. Teflon provides some excellent properties: stronger abrasion resistance, water resistance, acid and alkali washing resistance, and high temperature resistance. In addition, under high temperature conditions, even if the base oil gradually dries, the PTFE particles can still play a lubricating effect and continue to protect various parts from wear. Foreign experiments show that: at a high temperature above 200 ℃, only the grease bearing containing PTFE has the longest operating life.

With the continuous development of industrial modernization, mechanical equipment and other parts that need to be lubricated have higher and higher requirements for the use of grease, and higher requirements for the temperature resistance of the grease. Most of the existing high temperature greases have softening, oil separation, dry cracking, melting, volatilization, hardening and other behaviors under high temperature conditions, resulting in improper lubrication and loss of bearings and equipment.

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White high temperature grease is specially designed for bearings, gears and parts requiring life-long lubrication in harsh environments such as high temperature, high speed, high load, chemical corrosion, etc. It can well solve grease loss, dripping, coking, carbon deposits and product wear at high temperatures. The series of lubrication problems ensure that the lubricated parts can work normally for a long time at high temperatures. In addition, it has the following features. It is not easy to lubricate parts and products to produce obvious color pollution, so it is suitable for lubrication places with high environmental requirements. Its excellent film-forming ability, load-bearing capacity and lubricating performance are 3 times that of ordinary lubricants.

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