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How to identify the deterioration of fluoride grease

 How to identify the deterioration of fluoride grease

Fluoride grease deterioration must be identified according to grease laboratory analysis. Fluorin greases are also known as teflon greases or PTFE greases. Its range of use is very wide and the current market sales of better quality grease. In the absence of inspection machinery and equipment and laboratory staff, experienced staff can carry out regular inspection to distinguish, the cause and solution of general grease mildew are as follows:

fluoride grease
The picture shows fluoride grease

Method one:

Black color indicates that air oxidation metamorphism; If only one layer of surface discoloration, a layer of surface can be scraped off, still can still be applied. To check pH change, drop phenolphthalein indicator over a small amount of vegetable oil, mix well and twist with finger. If it is bright red, it indicates that the grease is still alkali; If it does not change color, it indicates that the grease has changed taste. In general, the grease can not be used in expensive equipment above to prevent corrosion, but can reduce the requirements of application, used in the fear of corrosion is not smooth machine equipment.

one of grease quality testing equipment
Picture is one of grease quality testing equipment

Method 2:

Grease hardening, one of the reasons is caused by long-term refrigeration; It can then be stored at a slightly higher indoor temperature (say 30-40 ° C) for a period of time to repair to its original condition. In such cases, excessive temperature heating should not be applied; Some lipids harden because of their characteristics. Artificial calcium lipids, for example, tend to harden in the winter. As long as it does not harm the application, there is no need to do the above heat insulation solution, just moderate mixing evenly.

Method 3:

Oil extraction shows that the stability of colloid solution has been destroyed. When the oil is slightly separated, the surface oil can be removed and most of the remaining oil can still be applied; But as far as possible can not be used in high temperature long time load position; Oil separation from more serious goods can not be applied.

 another one of grease quality testing equipment
Picture is another one of grease quality testing equipment

Method 4:

Because of moisture absorption or water leakage, oil is very easy to form a surface emulsion. If part of the emulsion is completely removed, the rest can still be applied. When the emulsion is more serious, the remaining part of the water is likely to exceed the specification, which can be distinguished from the color. The more water content, the lighter the color of the grease, the darker the gloss and the full transparency.


Method 5:

Adhesion film produced on the surface is also attributed to air oxidation, especially vegetable oils made from dry cooking oil; The solution is the same as above.


Methods 6:

One of the causes of fluoride grease thinning is that the storage temperature is too high or the mortar consistency cannot be repaired, and another is the ph ph change (checked with phenolphthalein indicator).

The easiest way to check whether fluorine grease is bad is to choose high-quality products, because it does not oxidize for a long time, so there is no need to waste time to determine whether it is bad.

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