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Following indicators should be paid attention to selecting high-speed bearing grease

 Select high-speed grease need to pay attention to temperature, speed and bearing size and other indicators. High-speed bearings are easy to cause high temperature. High temperature in bearing operation is not only harmful to bearings, but also accelerates the oxidation of grease and makes grease deteriorate. Choosing the right grease can prolong the service life of bearings and grease. General general grease is not suitable for high-speed bearings. Appropriate grease should be selected according to the size, speed, operating temperature and other factors of high-speed bearings.
Following indicators should be paid attention to selecting high-speed bearing grease

When choosing high speed bearing grease, it is important to remind the following aspects:

1. viscosity: grease is the thickened lubricating oil, grease is also lubricated by oil, and viscosity is an important indicator of lubricating oil, lubricating oil is divided according to the viscosity. Viscosity is too large, will cause block, friction, fever; Too small viscosity, insufficient oil film thickness, easy to cause bearing wear. Viscosity should be selected according to the requirements of the manufacturer.

NLGI consistency grade: Greases are graded according to NLGI consistency grade. NLGI consistency is also called coning and needle penetration. The NLGI consistency level should also be selected according to the equipment manufacturer's requirements.


Trenching characteristics: for grease used for high-speed bearings, grease with good trenching characteristics should be selected. This kind of grease is not easy to cause block effect and reduce friction and fever in use.


Drop point: the drop point of grease should be as high as possible than the higher temperature encountered in use.


Types of thickeners: different thickeners will affect the drop point and oil distribution characteristics of grease. Grease with high drop point and good oil separation characteristics (static oil and dynamic oil separation) should be selected.

high speed grease for bearing

This should pay attention to the above points, in general, there will not be problems affecting high speed bearings.

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