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Irreplaceable performance of gear grease

Irreplaceable performance of gear grease
Gear grease used in gears is generally specific. In the process of use, you must pay attention to: It cannot be replaced by other types of grease. For example: anti-wear hydraulic oil, rail oil, steam turbine oil (turbine oil) or ordinary mechanical oil instead of gear grease.

What are the factors that make it impossible to use anti-wear hydraulic oil, rail oil, turbine oil or ordinary mechanical oil instead of gear grease?

1. The lubrication effect of the product is different. Gear grease is based on petroleum lubricating oil base oil or synthetic lubricating oil, and is an important lubricating oil prepared by adding extreme pressure anti-wear agent and oiliness agent. Used in various gear transmissions to prevent tooth surface wear, scratches, sintering, etc., to extend its service life and improve the efficiency of power transmission.

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2.The medium of the product is different. The hydraulic oil is the hydraulic medium used in the hydraulic system that uses the hydraulic pressure energy. For the hydraulic oil, it should first meet the requirements of the hydraulic device for the viscosity of the liquid at the working temperature and the starting temperature. Because the viscosity of the oil changes directly with the hydraulic action , The transmission efficiency is related to the transmission accuracy. It is also required that the viscosity-temperature performance and shear stability of the oil should meet the various needs of different applications. Anti-wear hydraulic oil (HM hydraulic oil) is developed on the basis of anti-rust and anti-oxygen hydraulic oil. It has alkaline high zinc, alkaline low zinc, neutral high zinc and ash-free products. They are divided into four grades: 22, 32, 46, and 68 according to the kinematic viscosity of 40\'C.


3.Extreme pressure performance is different. Anti-wear hydraulic oil, rail oil, steam turbine oil (turbine oil) or ordinary mechanical oil cannot be used in place of gear grease. The reason is that the power of the entire machine is transmitted through gear transmission, and the meshing line on the gear tooth surface bears Because of the huge load, the lubricating oil is required to have extreme pressure, and other oils do not contain extreme pressure additives, which cannot protect the tooth surface, so it will cause pitting and fracture on the tooth surface.

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There are different grades of gear grease. Heavy-duty gear grease can replace light-duty gear grease, but not on the contrary. Different gear greases with the same viscosity cannot be used instead. Ordinary gear greases are mostly medium-loaded and not suitable for high-speed and high-load equipment.


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