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How much grease is appropriate for bearing?

 How much grease is appropriate for bearings

When the filling amount of grease is equal to 50% of the internal space volume of the bearing, the friction torque does not increase significantly. This is because most of the grease in the open bearing has been extruded, and the grease in the sealed bearing has also been lost. If the grease filling amount is more, the greater the friction torque, the same filling amount, the friction torque of sealed bearing is greater than that of open bearing.


When the bearing is replaced and disassembled, it is necessary to inject new grease. The amount of grease also has certain requirements. Too much is not good, nor is too little. Excessive use of grease will cause a lot of harm to bearings, high temperature grease has a good effect on bearings, wear resistance, adhesion, temperature resistance, lubricity and rust resistance are very good, can improve high temperature oxidation resistance, delay aging, dissolve carbon deposit. Prevent oil and metal dust coalescence, improve the mechanical corrosion resistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance.


As the filling amount of grease increases, the temperature rise of bearing increases linearly. With the same filling amount, the temperature rise of sealed bearing is higher than that of open bearing. The grease filling amount of sealed rolling bearings shall not exceed about 50% of the internal space. The lubrication plan of bearings is based on time. Equipment suppliers usually make lubrication plans based on operating time. Short-term replacement of lubricating oil is very common, and often add more grease.

Proper lubrication and protection plan, as well as bearing condition monitoring work is the focus of bearing higher life. When bearing damage may lead to unexpected equipment downtime. Even if it is an hour of downtime, the early failure of bearings may cause huge production losses. In order to ensure the healthy operation of equipment, in addition to relying on high-quality bearings, we should also pay attention to the operating environment, correct installation and regular maintenance.

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