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Customized lubricating grease for tunnel kiln bearing

 Customized lubricating grease for tunnel kiln bearing

Due to the high temperature of the tunnel kiln, the lack of lubricating materials often causes the bearing to jam, so it needs to customize lubricating grease for tunnel kiln bearing. This is a very important link, good materials can extend the life of the equipment, thereby reducing unnecessary losses due to repairs or replacement parts.

Tunnel kiln car track grease is a kind of high temperature grease, but it is different from ordinary high temperature grease. At present, there are many commonly used models on the market, but they are all finished products. We can customize tunnel kiln car track grease according to customer's requirements. A company’s product agent in a certain country consulted with the company’s technicians a few days ago. Because their end customers chose incorrect grease, they kept filling up with grease every day, which resulted in equipment bearings often stuck, unable to rotate, frequent shutdowns, production shutdowns and maintenance. machine. A lot of time was lost, which caused delays in orders and affected the quality of products. After explaining what happened, the lubrication technicians checked the condition of the factory equipment through video, pointed out the problem and customized suitable tunnel kiln car track grease according to the on-site situation.

(The picture shows customized tunnel kiln grease)


After receiving the customer's feedback, the company's technical department produced samples according to the situation and delivered them to the customer's location by international express. After being used by the customer, this situation was perfectly solved. Thereby strengthening the cooperative relationship between the factory and the customer.

(The picture shows the tunnel kiln grease before international express delivery)


In the conclusion, tunnel kiln works under the conditions of high temperature, low speed and heavy load for a long time. General high temperature grease cannot provide perfect lubrication, so tunnel kiln grease cannot be blindly selected, but can be customized according to the bearing condition of kiln car.

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