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How use grease to maintain and repair kiln track bearing

 How to use grease to maintain and repair kiln track bearing

Correct selection of kiln track grease can improve bearing life especially high quality. In the life of gas block brick and red brick in the molding and firing after the completion of the factory is the use of kiln car to transport. Because the temperature is particularly high in the process of firing bricks, the grease of the wheel bearing will be baked dry, and the forced work of the bearing without lubrication will produce great resistance, resulting in the damage of the bearing.

Juntai grease visit brick manufacturer's workshop

brick-forming area of the workshopA few months ago, the sales department of the company received an order for a brick factory to purchase high-end bearing grease. The customer responded that the bearings would always be damaged due to lack of oil after being steamed and roasted in the kiln for a period of time, and the sales staff reported this to the technical department according to the situation. The company attaches great importance to this order. After arranging special personnel to dock with the customer and check the working condition on site, it is found that the maintenance and on-time maintenance are caused by the poor quality of the grease injected into the bearing, thus causing all kinds of troubles.

Bearings damaged by improper lubrication

Bearings removed after damage

After returning to the company from working conditions, technicians combine the company's unique technology according to the situation at the site. After many simulation experiments, the kiln car track grease suitable for the customer factory is produced. It is made of synthetic base oil and anti-high temperature and anti-oxidation additives.

motor has been replaced with high-end bearing grease

After a period of use, the company calls customers for a return visit, the reaction results are very satisfactory to both sides. The customer's bearings used to need to add grease for about 20-30 hours, and will probably be damaged after 200-300 hours. After replacing the high-end grease of Juntai brand, the bearing life has been extended about 7-10 times. The use of grease is also small, and the replacement frequency of bearings is also reduced. The workers on the shop floor were also relieved.

Fired bricks

Kiln track bearing maintenance and maintenance is very important, it will affect the efficiency of a whole brick firing line. Often are some insignificant small things can save a lot of manpower and material resources. It doesn't have to be the most expensive product, but it does have to be the most appropriate product.

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