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The Purpose and Use Method of Damping Grease

 purpose and use method of damping grease

Damping grease is a very important special type of grease with unique use, it has damping and lubrication effect between the two friction surfaces. Its presence makes it smooth to adjust, feels good to touch, and reduces friction damage.

The main use of damping grease and its application field is more extensive, grease application temperature, the compatible mode of raw materials of application machinery and equipment, grease mortar consistency net weight and so on are the main selection criteria of damping grease. The unreasonable use of grease will continue to produce the condition of white color in the whole process of specific use. But there will be solutions.


Solution: Improve the office environment and maintain a dry natural environment. Reduce the speed of fitness movement and reduce gas infiltration without harming production and manufacturing.

If the damping grease whitens and endangers the actual damping effect, it is likely to be necessary to adjust the damping grease. Damping lubrication effect is very good, can make the fitness movement components more stable, smooth, accurate operation, reduce the generation of problems, but also save the cost of grease, so choose the most appropriate damping grease is important for the normal operation of machinery and equipment.

More than 50 percent of rolling bearing damage comes from lubrication problems. Lubrication problems can be prevented, so as to improve the main production force and productivity of machinery and equipment. High temperature grease is simply used in high temperature or high temperature and high pressure working conditions of grease. And not heat resistance is a good high temperature grease, a good high temperature grease does have a variety of provisions. Including base oil price type and thickener type, and its production process. Qindao enterprises also manufacture damping grease price is very cost-effective, cost-effective, can be customized according to customer requirements.


Damping grease can be widely used in the electronic industry, such as resistor shaft and coupling, radio recorder, digital camera, automatic washing machine screw, a variety of optical equipment, etc., is the electronic industry can not be missing the lubrication raw materials. Used for tape recorder, slow opening door organization, burner, CD, DVD and other loading and unloading organization. Used for lens, digital camera, optical microscope, detector and other electronic optical zoom tissue. For automatic toilet seat, door hinge, furniture door hinge, drive shaft, etc. Used for damping and lubrication of tape-recorder, CD player turntable cache tooth power switch equipment, electrical products, all-in-one air-conditioning adjustment knob, sound system knob, etc.

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