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Cleanliness and dispersity of lubricating oil

 Cleanliness and dispersity of lubricating oil

The dispersity of lubricating oil means that the lubricating oil can oxidize the air into colloidal substances,  carbon deposits and other insoluble substances or float in the oil,  producing a relatively stable colloidal state and not easy to accumulate on the components. In many cases,  customers often ask about this problem. Fake goods usually cause many problems. High-quality goods can have accumulated  in the car engine components of the glue, carbon, etc., according to the lubricating oil washing effect to wash out.

Dispersant is a kind of surface active substance,  it can absorb solid particulate matter pollution substances in the oil,  and make the pollution substances floating in the surface of the oil,  to ensure that the oil involved in the wetting cycle system is quiet,  in order to reduce the generation of continuous high temperature and paint layer. Dispersants can disperse ultra-low  temperature oil scale in the oil and facilitate its filtration in the lubricating oil circulation system.

Dispersant additive is their general name, it also has washing,  oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it is also called a multieffect additive. In a certain sense,  the key difference in the quality of lubricating oil lies in the performance of resisting high and ultra-low temperature  accumulation and paint layer,  and can also be said to be mainly reflected in the performance and amount of dispersant in lubricating oil,  so it can be seen that dispersant has the main harm to the quality of lubricating oil.

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