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Main uses and characteristics of high temperature grease

 Main uses and characteristics of high temperature grease

With the development of modern historical technology, more and more industrial equipment and bearings began to replace high-temperature grease, and become more and more environmentally friendly.The performance advantages of modern high temperature grease have high temperature resistance range from-40℃ to 340℃, can be converted into high concentration of PTFE lubrication protective layer, lubricated at high temperature, can resist saline and most cleaning liquid; not easily eliminate or produce harmful residue under high temperature and long time load; strong acid and alkali chemical corrosion; less residual oil and strong pressure working capacity; longer service period than normal generating plant oil.

Temperature is more harmful to the service period of the grease. The temperature rises, and the grease becomes loose, which promotes the reduction of the grease adhesion performance and facilitates the outflow.In addition, under the higher temperature standard, it is also easy to increase the volatile damage of the grease, and the air oxidation and mildew and the nuclear liquid oil separation condition is more serious.The first reason of the grease failure, most of which is caused by the aging of suspected glue and the volatile damage of the base oil price, that is, the speed of the whole process of grease ineffective is important to do with its application temperature.High-temperature grease with good heat resistance can maintain its adhesion performance at a high application temperature, and the whole process of ineffective mildew is also slow.

A standard high-temperature grease shall have the following characteristics:

(1) In the application of high temperature link, it is not easy to cause unfavorable lubrication reflection (such as oil separation, scale, carbon deposition, etc.);

(2) High temperature grease should also have a certain lubrication and wear reduction performance in the high temperature fitness and sports parts, which can not cause obvious damage to the lubrication components.

(3) In the application of high temperature link, it is not easy to cause unfavorable lubrication reflection (such as oil separation, scale, carbon deposition, etc.);

High-temperature grease commodities are critically used in the following industries:

1. Textile industry: elevator bearing, steam generator and dryer bearing of printing and dyeing factory machine, transmission chain, bearing and transmission gear of pull-frame forming machine.2. Hydroelectric power generation: the high-pressure extrusion position of the water gate;

3. Paper industry: Corrugated mechanical equipment (corrugated roller and working pressure roller);

4. High-temperature electric furnace: man-made board dryer equipment, automatic spray painting equipment, porcelain curing furnace, furnace door hinge;

5. Bearing at high temperature (tangential bearing, sleeve specification bearing, guide bearing, rolling bearing, flip bearing);

6. High temperature bearing: fan bearing, fan bearing, offset press bearing, high temperature electric furnace bearing;

7. Food enterprises: toaster conveyor belt bearing, snack transmission belt bearing;

8. Masion bearing or roller bearing;

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