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Hardware furniture slide grease application scheme

Hardware furniture slide grease application scheme
How to choose hardware furniture sliding grease is very important. There will be hardware furniture in all kinds of places in life, and its joint parts and movement methods are inseparable from grease. The wrong application often causes problems for the rails.

Common problems with slide rails:

1.Heavy load slide track, grease is easy to lose, resulting in noise;

2.Low temperature performance is not good, to the lower temperature area feel suddenly heavy;

3.The noise is abnormal;

4.Under high temperature conditions, grease is volatile, resulting in no lubrication effect.

5.Invisible slide plastic wheel corrosion, product quality can not meet the requirements;

Hardware furniture slide grease application scheme (2)


Sliding rail lubrication solution:

1.Fully synthetic or semi-synthetic base oil is used to increase oil adhesion, improve oil high-temperature performance and ensure oil locking effect.

2.Increase oil viscosity, or increase oil drawing, excellent noise reduction effect;  

3.The compatibility test between the product and the plastic wheel ensures no chemical reaction between the grease and the plastic wheel.

4.The base oil with thick film is used to increase the shear resistance of oil and ensure the oil locking effect;

5.Use fully synthetic or semi-synthetic base oil to ensure low temperature stability;

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