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Adoption grease for Chemical plant fan

Adoption grease for Chemical plant fan
Chemical forms of fan bearing structure generally adopts roll bearing, and rolling bearing with grease lubricant often used all kinds of famous brand, not only because the grease without changing, often without continuous fatliquoring, economical, and with the sealing characteristics of itself does not leak, and also can save a set of machinery and equipment of changing lubricating oil. Under normal circumstances, the common problems of fan turning bearings in operation are hot, noise, vibration, etc., and the common damage ways of bearings are damage, rust, fatigue, shedding, stamping, etc., and damage and rust are related to the selection and application of grease.

The lubrication of turning bearing is mainly to deal with the rolling friction problems still existing in bearing, such as the rolling friction problems between turning body and clamp, clamp and inner and outer ring, and retaining edge. All rotating bearings must be lubricated with high quality lubricants to maintain their design characteristics. Inside the bearing, a layer of oil floating on the turning body and the sitting ring is used to avoid direct contact between metal materials and metal. Good lubrication will reduce friction and prevent it from being damaged.

The viscosity of grease is important to maintain normal lubrication under the condition of bearing operation. Grease to maintain cleanliness, no solid residue is also extremely important. The main components of grease are base oil and thickener, and base oil is mainly a variety of mineral oil and synthetic oil production and processing. According to the type of thickener, grease is divided into soap and non-soap, organic chemical grease and organic grease.

At the present stage in our country and international standardization organization docking. Proper application of grease is extremely important. Be sure to pay attention to the fact that when greasing for the first time, the bearing must be full of grease, the self-aligning bearing (or two rows) turning bearing, and the spacing between them also needs to be full of oil. If grease is filled with manual grease gun, the bearing oil feed hole must be clean and tidy to prevent smoke and dust from being added into the bearing raceway with grease, resulting in invalid grease. The filling amount of grease is related to the spacing and bearing type specifications, and should be added once a half month.


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