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How to judge high temperature performance of grease?

 Is the higher the drop point the more resistant to high temperature? Answer: no. Many new to grease users in the case of choosing high temperature unsalted butter only pay attention to the drop point and ignore the rest, this kind of behavior is certainly not desirable. Drop point is not the only index value, although it is a very important index value to consider the high temperature performance of grease.

For example, many vendors is to use grease customers this kind of "the higher, the resistance to high temperature drop point" ideas, often in product introduction "drop point visible marks on the outside," write "drop point 380 ℃" is attractive, like the legendary "high fat", but its really can realize the temperature may be even less than 150 ℃. In general, the relative application temperature of grease with high drop point is higher, but the specific application temperature of grease is generally 30℃ to 50℃ below the drop point. Whether high temperature grease is resistant to high temperature is important or depends on the selection of base oil price. A good base oil price plays a key role in the high and low temperature test performance of grease.

In addition, it is related to the thickening method of grease, the type and composition of additives and other fields. The selection of high temperature grease must not only look at the drop point, how to choose a good suitable for you to use grease key or depends on the condition of your facilities, and do not think that "the higher the temperature of grease application more commercial insurance" or step into the "high drop point on high temperature resistance" wrong idea.

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