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Grease classification professional knowledge revealed

Grease, or industrial butter as it is known to the common people, is a smooth semi-solid product produced by dispersing thickeners in liquid lubricants, which must usually be added to change some of its properties. In terms of product structure in sales market, Chinese grease has successfully changed from calcium base grease with lower technical quality level to lithium base grease with higher technical quality level. Complex lithium base grease, complex aluminum base grease, high alkali complex calcium sulfonate grease, urea base grease contour drop grease, the proportion of the total output value often shows a gradually rising trend. At the same time, the development and design of some new greases, such as compound titanium grease, degradable grease, nanotechnology grease and other commodities, has also made critical progress.

A variety of industrial equipment, operating standards and office environment are intertwined, the performance of grease is not the same. With the rapid development of grease production technology, it also promotes the rapid increase of grease types. Generally, the classification of grease mainly includes two levels: one is to actually define the consistency level of grease mortar, that is, to distinguish models; The second is to carry out specific zoning of grease types.

According to grease mortar consistency grade classification

Coning degree of grease: mortar consistency refers to the hard and soft level of grease, and its size is considered by coning degree in work. The cone penetration value of grease (also known as the needle penetration value) is the standard cone that requires time and temperature standards and requires quality to be transmitted to the deep layer of the grease specimen, with 1/10mm as the enterprise. The general experiment temperature is 25℃, the time is 5s, with acute angular metal material pointed cone. The greater the coning value of grease, the smaller the mortar consistency, the shape is too soft, on the contrary, the shape is hard.

Mortar consistency level: grease is divided into different mortar consistency levels according to the medium working category. This mortar consistency level is now commonly used internationally and was first clearly proposed by the British Grease Research Institute (NLGI), also known as NLGI mortar consistency classification. Although some greases have mortar consistency that is not completely limited to the required range, this mortar consistency series reflects the mortar consistency models of most greases. NLGI mortar consistency classification divides grease into nine grades ranging from 000 to 6, with a coning error of 15 enterprises between each grade. Among them, 0 #, 00 #, 000 # grease is called semi-fluid grease, suitable for lubrication of rolling bearings, transmission gears and various friction positions which are not suitable for lubricating oil lubrication.

According to the classification of thickening agent according to the thickening agent of grease is not the same, can be divided into soap-based and non-soap-based grease. Among them, soap-based grease can be divided into saponified grease, mixed soap-based grease, compound soap-based grease, etc. Non-soap-based grease has hydrocarbon grease, organic chemical thickener grease and organic thickener grease, etc.

Classification according to the actual operation standard grease in the classification of the specification, a grease is only a number, this code should be used with the grease in the rigorous practical standards (temperature and load, etc.), water pollution should relativity, consists of five capital English letters in English, each letter has its special practical significance. In which, the English letter L indicates the type number of lubricant and related goods, the English letter X indicates the grade of grease, and the other four capital letters indicate the application performance level of grease. They are successively low actual operating temperature, high operating temperature, waterproof performance and anti-rust treatment level of grease in the case of water source pollution, lubricity of grease under long-term load or low load, and the number represents the consistency level of mortar.

For example, general lithium grease, according to the requirements of its specification: application temperature: -20 ~ 120℃. Water pollution: water flow momentum shall not exceed 10%, indicating that it can withstand water cleaning; Corrosion resistance is grade I, that is, it will be treated with rust protection under the water standard. Extreme pressure: the index value does not require the extreme pressure performance index value, that is, the extreme pressure property is not available. It can be seen that the English letter 1 is the fixed fixed number of grease, code-named X; Low actual operating temperature -20℃, English letter 2 is B; High actual operating temperature 120℃, English letter 3 is C; In the natural environment standard, the anti-corrosion property under the water cleaning standard, the English letter 4 is H; Load standard is non-extreme pressure type, English letter 5 is A; Mortar consistency levels are 1 #, 2 #, 3 #. Therefore, the classification number of general lithium grease is l-xbcha1, 2,3. Obviously, GB/T7631.

Classification makes the type of grease named simple, more scientific and reasonable, effective, because according to this kind of classification is very easy to select the most suitable grease according to the specific, grease made of different thickeners only in line with the actual operating standards are optional. But customarily, classification by thickener type is still used at present.

According to the main use of grease classification according to the use of grease is not the same to carry out the classification, can be divided into anti-wear grease, safety protection grease, sealing grease and friction grease, in which each classification can be further differentiated according to whether the special type, application temperature and so on. Among them, increasing friction grease is a smaller branch. If the mine friction wheel bucket lift machine depends on the wheel, gasket and rope transmission driving force, so as to enhance the purpose, the coal mine safety regulations for this clearly put forward mandatory provisions. In addition, the elevator car rope is also a practical effect of increasing friction.

Classification of grease produced in China the classification of grease produced in China is a 40-digit Arabic number indicating a commodity, starting with "4" is oil, and starting with "7" is grease. The first two digits indicate the main use and the second two digits indicate the serial number of the item. 6) Other classification methods are classified by field: such as grease for military use, grease for railway lines, grease for ships, grease for vehicles, grease for textiles, grease for mines, grease for chemical plants, etc. According to the use of machinery and equipment, position classification: gate valve grease, rolling bearing grease, reducer grease, etc. Classification by application temperature: ultra-low temperature grease, high temperature grease, etc. Classification by bearing performance: general grease, extreme pressure grease, etc.

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