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Specification for low temperature performance of grease

Low temperature performance of grease refers to the working ability of grease to maintain its performance at low temperature. We know that grease is composed of basic oil thickeners and additives. Under the low temperature standard, the thickener of grease will produce a certain change, but it is not harmful to the application of grease. The basic oil composed of grease, under low temperature standards, not only viscosity has a great change, and the performance of grease has a very large change, and will make the grease completely frozen, not only make the grease completely missing its role, but also is likely to cause friction damage; Although the amount of additives is very small, it will also cause certain harm to the low temperature performance of grease. Although the harm is not very great, it will still improve the application temperature of grease. Therefore, we think that the low temperature performance of grease is one of the key basic properties of grease.

In production enterprises, the application low temperature of grease can be put relatively high, generally more than -20 degrees, this is because, the machinery and equipment of production enterprises generally work in the determined room, some also have heating equipment, so the application temperature is not easy to be too low; Nature is also a part of the machinery and equipment of many production enterprises is outdoors, such as the raw material production workshop of steel and building materials companies, wind power equipment, outdoor mining brush, etc., the application temperature of this facility is closely related to the temperature; There are also a small number of manufacturing enterprises in the facilities are under the low temperature standard, such as gas equipment, refrigeration equipment, the temperature of this facility far beyond the climatic conditions of the application temperature.

In the company of service, many of the facilities are all in the 24 hours of work, some even in the cold climate in the work under the conditions of plateau region, the application of low temperature than outdoor temperature likely still need low, such as road transport machinery and equipment, oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas conveying machinery equipment, refrigeration equipment, power transmission and transformation equipment, test equipment, etc. The use of such facilities requires a very strict temperature chamber, so the low temperature performance of grease is very high.

Vehicles, engineering machinery equipment, rolling bearings, space shuttle components, household appliances, etc. should have better operation performance and can maintain stable operation when working in winter or cold regions. Because the temperature in the work of components is almost the same as that in the natural environment, when it is applied in cold places, it is stipulated that the grease can still maintain excellent lubrication performance under the low temperature standard, which lies in the viscosity and low temperature performance of the grease under the low temperature standard.

We know that the viscosity of lubricating oil decreases with the increase of temperature. Therefore, the viscosity of the same lubricating oil is different because of different temperatures. This kind of characteristics is called viscosity temperature characteristics. The viscosity-temperature characteristics of grease are more complicated than that of lubricating oil, because the viscosity-temperature characteristics of grease structure management system also need to change with the change of shear stress.

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