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Advantages and properties of complex titanium grease

 Complex titanium grease has the advantages of good cutting and crossing, high and low temperature test, extreme pressure wear resistance, rust resistance, non-toxicity, biodegradability, solubility with other fats and so on. Because of the advantages of complex titanium grease, several of our country gradually developed.

1. Shear intersecting property of grease Shear intersecting property refers to that the cone size of grease will change after it is cut, but it will repair its original mortar consistency in a certain period of time. Titanium composite grease has excellent shear crosscutting property, that is, the mortar consistency changes by cutting, but with the increase of resting time will quickly restore to the previous mortar consistency. This is also its unique performance, which is incomparable to other greases. Large and medium-sized steel mills, for example, because the machines are more diversified and prompted the lubrication point is far away from dilute gas station, in the whole process lubrication, the lubricant must be through the long-distance pipeline transportation can accomplish the position of the lubrication grease with this kind of cut cut its overlapping Hj, prompting grease by shear stress during the course of pipeline transportation of loose liquidity is more suitable, When the grease reaches the lubrication point, it is repaired to the previous mortar consistency for lubrication, which reduces the basic metabolism of lubricant in the transmission link. In the whole process of lubrication, part of the cut loose flow is good, more suitable for lubrication, and part of the boundary without cutting is still the original grease with sealing effect, to avoid grease leakage.

2, high and low temperature test performance of the complex titanium base grease has good high temperature performance (high drop, and thickener for oil has good adhesion effect), the application of the same base oil of lubricating grease, the temperature of the complex titanium base grease in relatively wide in application, the statistics shown in table 1 illustrates the complex titanium base grease and the other two common Gao Fengzhi relatively, When used under continuous high temperature, the leakage of rolling bearings is small and the lubrication service life is long, which fully proves that the high-temperature service life of composite titanium grease is better. The ultra-low temperature performance of grease is mainly reflected in the running distance and running distance at low temperature. The starting distance of grease (lithium composite and titanium composite) thickened by different thickeners with the same base oil is slightly different, but not very large. The ultra-low temperature running distance of composite titanium grease is much smaller than that of composite lithium grease, which shows that the application of composite titanium grease in the operation of mechanical equipment can greatly reduce the driving force consumption of machinery and equipment, reduce the driving force cost. In the application of the same base oil, not the same thickening agent thickened into grease, the high and low temperature test performance of composite titanium grease is the best, which makes the composite titanium grease have a wider range of application temperature, so that its adaptability is improved.

3, biodegradable lubricant biodegradability refers to the lubricant by microbial effect of the ability to dissolve chemical substances. As the lubricant in the application process and improper recycling solution, lead to a lot of lubricant discharge into the natural environment, into the natural environment the lubricant in heavy pollution of land, rivers, lakes, damage the ecological environment protection and biodiversity, with everyone on the improving of the environmental protection need to understand, The recognition of the biodegradability of lubricants has also been significantly improved, and the research and development of biodegradable grease has gradually gained attention. Grease consists of three parts: thickener, base oil and additive.

In which the thickener 2% ~ 20%, base oil 80% ~ 90%, plus agent 0 ~ 10%, so the biodegradability of grease depends on the biodegradability of base oil. Most of the grease must be water in the production process, so the application of mineral oil as the base oil of grease can simplify the production process of grease, and mineral oil is widely used for its low cost, good lubrication performance, strong thickening ability and other advantages. As a result, the biodegradability of common grease is very poor. In the production process of compound titanium grease, although water storage is involved, it does not harm the routine development of production and manufacturing. Therefore, thickening of compound titanium grease with edible oil or grease oil as the base oil of grease will further improve the biodegradability of grease

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