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What is the consistency and evaluation index value of high temperature grease?

 This article is about to introduce the mortar consistency and identification index value of high temperature grease. Under the standard shear stress or shear speed, the deformation level of high temperature grease structure management system is measured to express the structural type of management system, that is, the definition of consistency. It is a key performance parameter related to the maintainability and sealing characteristics of high temperature grease at the lubricating position, and to the underwater concrete and filling method of high temperature grease. Some lubrication points often use high temperature grease, because it has a certain consistency, so that it has a certain ability to resist outflow.

High temperature greases with different consistencies are applicable to different working standards such as speed ratio of mechanical equipment, load and working temperature. Therefore, consistency is a major index value of high temperature greases. The mortar consistency level of high temperature grease can be indicated by coning degree. Coning degree refers to the requirement of time, temperature standards, the net weight of the standard cone into the deep layer of the grease specimen, shown by (L /10)mm.

High temperature grease cone into the measure can be in accordance with the requirements of GB/T269 a 91 manner, cone into the degrees usually contains does not work, work, work, four pieces of cone into the degree, not working cone into the generally don't like working cone into the degrees can be efficiently slurry consistency means that the application of fat, usually detection work best when grease cone into the degrees. Increase the coning degree of work applies to the measured coning degree of work exceeding 60 times. Overview of the coning degree measurement method of grease: the cone components are released from the coning meter at 25, and the cone sinks into the deep layer of specimen 5S to measure the above four coning degrees of grease respectively.

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