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Application of grease in vibration equipment

Many consumers in the application of machinery and equipment under the condition of vibrating screen, stone production line didn't pay attention to the problem of equipment lubrication, so that after the application process of vibrating screen work efficiency is reduced, and even some common fault of baffled, today everyone harp island special grease lubricating way to give your interpretation of the vibrating screen.

Vibrating screen is often used in stone production line screening machinery. The utilizable vibrator vibrator is formed by the complex spin type oscillation while operating. Vibrator on the rotation of the hammer to make the screen surface plane rotation vibration, and down the rotation of the hammer to make the screen surface spherical rotation vibration, its synergistic effect of the actual effect is to make the screen surface caused by multiple rotation type vibration. Because of this repeated operation, lubrication of the shaker is indispensable. The lubrication position of the vibrating screen is mainly in the vibration of rolling bearings and transmission gear, motor and other parts with rotary operation, lubrication method of organic grease lubrication and thin oil lubrication:

1. Under normal operation, the grease lubricated vibrator can be filled with grease for 24-48h in each work, according to the necessity, it can also be given to grease for each class, and the measurement verification for each time is 150 meaning 200g. It is best to use high pressure manual butter gun for refueling.

2, the selection of thin oil lubricated vibrator and transmission gear, the amount of oil depends on the structure of the vibrator.

3. The newly installed vibrator should be removed and replaced once every 300h after operation for about 80h.

4, at the same time, it is stipulated that the grease should be used in the application temperature range of -- 30 -- 120℃ of high-quality lithium grease;

5, thin oil can be used in oil. In winter and summer, because the weather is different. It is best to choose non-viscosity lubricating oil. Add a little car oil to the grease in winter.

6. Before refueling. The nozzle of the oil gun and the oil injection mouth must be cleaned and tidy, and the dust environment must not pollute the oil chamber, so as to damage the rolling bearing.

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